Big mouth moments: Stars share their favourite Luna Park memories

Six of Luna Park’s best known fans share their memories of the St Kilda icon.

Anthony Callea, singer

I remember driving past as a kid with my brother and sister in the back seat, fighting, but when we’d get close to Luna Park we’d stop because we wanted to come in! I think as a kid I had more guts to go on rides because now I’m usually the person at the bottom holding the bags and eating a bucket of hot chips. 

Michael Gudinski,  music promoter 

I’ve been called a big mouth, but this is the real big mouth.  I remember the Big Dipper, but my greatest memories are with my wife on the Scenic Railway. In fact, the legendary Skyhooks Horror Movie clip was filmed here. It certainly put Mushroom Records on the map. It’s great that they’ve restored the park and are keeping it moving. Kylie would love the carousel, she loves carousels.

Spencer Mclaren, actor

I have always been a huge fan of rollercoasters, so when I moved to Melbourne at 14 I was so excited to discover we had one in our own backyard. Luna Park became a staple through my teen years as the place to just “hang” and annoy the adults. It was also the place to make yourself sick after going round and round and round on all the rides.

Kate Ceberano, singer

Luna Park to me means recreation, St Kilda style. I’ve spent many idle days riding the Scenic Railway, pashing on the Ghost Train and bringing up my lunch after the Rotor – heaven and hell in one place! Happy birthday old girl, you don’t look a day over 90!

Lindsay Fox, trucking magnate and Luna Park co-owner

I’ve been coming to Luna Park for 67 years. As a kid I’d come in through the gates and there’d be the whiff of waffles, then we’d stop at the milkbar for the best milkshakes in town. From there we’d head around the back of the Giggle Palace, where you could sneak in for free and then we’d head to the Big Dipper. Then there were the River Caves where more young men felt the breasts of more young women than just about any other place. Luna Park has been good to me. 

Mary Stuart, Luna Park executive director 

When I was younger my grandma lived on Canterbury Road and being able to come to Luna Park was a huge treat. I remember after some fairy floss and a ride on the Rotor I did actually throw up, but I managed to get off the ride first!

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